SizeUp – Resize/Position Windows Using The Keyboard

I’ve posted a few scripts I’ve written to solve some window placement issues on OS X (especially when removing an external display). I actually haven’t been using my scripts as much recently since I found this application. Put simply: it allows you to move and position windows using the keyboard. Check out the web site for full details including a video of it in action. At $13 for a license, it’s a no brainer, give it a try: SizeUp

iTunes Won’t Play Songs OS X Fix

I was just playing around with the Boxee Beta and it hung. I force quit it, and subsequently tried to play a song in iTunes. It wouldn’t play. I tried playing a new song and took note: the time didn’t move from 0:00, the song information was scrolling at the top, and there was a speaker icon next to the song. Yes, the volume was up. Quitting iTunes and reopening it didn’t fix it (tried a few times).

So, I opened up Activity Monitor and did some quick searches to see if I could find something related to iTunes, Boxee, and Sound. Anyway, there is a process called coreaudiod – the core audio daemon. Force-quit that (requires admin privileges) and boom! iTunes works again.

Fix Arrow Keys in VI on Solaris

This was taken from and I didn’t want to lose it.

Enter the following into $HOME/.exrc file. First entry is to make DELETE work as Backspace and Remaining/Subsequent 4 entries are traversal into file using Arrow-Key. All 5 entries are applicable for “Editing” mode of vi editor.

:map! ^? ^H
:map! ^[OA ^[ka
:map! ^[OB ^[ja
:map! ^[OC ^[la
:map! ^[OD ^[ha

To type all CONTROL (the ^ and ^[ characters) characters:
^[OA = CTRL-V + UP-Arrow
^[ka = CTRL-V + ESCAPE + k + a
^[OB = CTRL-V + Down-Arrow
^[ja = CTRL-V + ESCAPE + j + a
^[OC = CTRL-V + Right-Arrow
^[la = CTRL-V + ESCAPE + l + a
^[OD = CTRL-V + Left-Arrow
^[ha = CTRL-V + ESCAPE + h + a

How To Add Time In Excel Or Numbers

This one had me going for a while the other day. I had a cell with a time in it, and just wanted to add 15 minutes to it and place it in the cell next to it. Anyway, the way to do this is to add (or subtract) #Minutes/1440.

For example, if cell A1 has the time 6:15 in it, and you want to add 15 minutes to it for cell A2 simply set it =A1+(15/1440).

The reason for this is that Excel (and Numbers, and.. most likely any other spreadsheet software out there) keeps track of dates, not time – so if you have a date of 6/19/2009, and in the next cell you want 6/20/2009 – you add 1. Well, there are 1440 minutes in a day, so you simply have to add a fraction of a day equal to the amount of time you want to add. So 15/1440 = 0.0104166667 days.