iTunes Won’t Play Songs OS X Fix

I was just playing around with the Boxee Beta and it hung. I force quit it, and subsequently tried to play a song in iTunes. It wouldn’t play. I tried playing a new song and took note: the time didn’t move from 0:00, the song information was scrolling at the top, and there was a speaker icon next to the song. Yes, the volume was up. Quitting iTunes and reopening it didn’t fix it (tried a few times).

So, I opened up Activity Monitor and did some quick searches to see if I could find something related to iTunes, Boxee, and Sound. Anyway, there is a process called coreaudiod – the core audio daemon. Force-quit that (requires admin privileges) and boom! iTunes works again.

6 thoughts on “iTunes Won’t Play Songs OS X Fix

  1. Thanks! this was much simpler than the other ‘fixes’ I found for this iTunes problem (which involved uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes and Quicktime).

  2. I’ve tried this and still have the exact same problem with Itunes not playing, but I also have a mute that can’t be turned off issue as well. Does anyone have advice for this?

  3. Thank you very much. This audio problem had been driving me bananas for too long. I have found that I occasionally have to re-do the fix, but it’s only a matter of moments to get my sound back, so I’m not complaining.

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